Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (2024)

These hilarious bridal shower games are ones that all of your guests will love! Definitely some of the most unique and fun bridal shower games out there, including ones you’ve probably never played!

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (1)

The Best Bridal Shower Games

These bridal shower games are ones I put together for my little sister’s bohemian bridal shower, right before her beautifulbohemian wedding! We’ve always been a creative and game playing family, so I wanted to come up with bridal shower games that people had never played before!

I was right.

These games are ones that no one in the room had ever played before! And I dare say, it was the best bridal shower ever.

We paired these fun bridal shower games with this printable bridal shower game called love story and had one incredible afternoon.

People are still talking about how fun these games were! And about my gift for my sister – these date night cards (one date for every week of the year!)

How to Play

All of these games can either be played minute to win it style or just pick and choose a couple of games from the list to play with your guests. If you’re looking for something less active, you might want to check out these bridal shower

No matter which way you choose, I guarantee they’ll still be fun. And I’ve designed the games so that they would work for a coed shower if you want to celebrate the bride and groom all at the same time!

This emoji bridal shower game is great for coed showers too!

If you want to play these as minute to win it games, I recommend reading this minute to win it games post first. Otherwise, just follow the game instructions below!

You can also watch the video below to see how it’s done!

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games

I’ve included 16different bridal showergames that incorporate something wedding related.Pick your favorites and go with those.

#1 – Put a Ring on It

Fill a bowlwith candy fruit ringsHilarious Bridal Shower Games (2) and give your player a chopstickHilarious Bridal Shower Games (3).

Player has to hold the chopstick only with their mouth. First player to get 10 rings on their chopstick wins.

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (4)

#2 – Garter Toss

Give each player a cheap garterHilarious Bridal Shower Games (5) and set up sparkling cider bottlesHilarious Bridal Shower Games (6) on the floor in front of them. First player to toss, fling, or otherwise throw the garter and have it ring one of the sparkling cider bottles wins.

#3 – Desperate Housewives

Write down the names of husbands of famous married couples on index cards (e.g., Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban). Players have to pick a card then act out the WIFE (not the person on the card) in charade form (no words, just acting).

Go through as many as you can in one minute and person who gets the most in a minute wins. Don’t you just love my little sister’s acting out of Blake Lively (star of Gossip Girl) and Nicole Kidman in Bewitched?

Game Tip!

Make your list based on the guests attending the party. If it’s multi-generational, I recommend sticking to very famous people, not just younger generation ones!

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (7)

#4 – Open Bar

Before the party, pick out a couple of mini chocolate barsHilarious Bridal Shower Games (8) from a large bar and put a gold stickerHilarious Bridal Shower Games (9) on the bottom. Then lay them all out in either lines or in a group flat on a surface.

To play the game, players must pick one mini candy bar and if there’s not a gold sticker, eat it. Players have to continue picking candy bars and eating them until they find one with a gold star.

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (10)

#5 – Receiving Line

This is best played as a team game. At one end of the room have a bowl filled with rice and on the other side of the room an empty cup or small jar. Teams must race to transfer the rice from the bowl, passing the rice hand to hand, to the other side of the room and into the small jar.

First team to fill the jar wins. This one makes one of the best wedding shower games since rice is such a big wedding tradition!

#6 – Save the Date

Before the party, ask the bride for a couple of important dates in her life (e.g., first date, first kiss, date he proposed, his birthday). For this game,cut out the months of the year as well as the numbers 1 – 31 and have them sitting on a table.

For each round, tell the players that they have to be the first one to come up with the correct date by picking out a month and day and running it to show the bride.

The bride tells them correct or earlier/later and they have to continue running back and forth from the table with the calendar dates to the bride until someone gets it correct.

You can either do this once or a number of times with various dates.

Looking for more Bridal shower ideas?


#7 – Mint to Be

Players must move a certain number of mints from a container of mintsHilarious Bridal Shower Games (12) to a jar at the other side of the room by sucking the mints into a strawHilarious Bridal Shower Games (13) and keeping it sucked up until they can place it in the jar.

Race to be the first to a certain number or see who can do the most in a minute.

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (14)

#8 – Love Story

Be the first team to unscramble all of the movies on this free printable game full of different ways to say classic movies (e.g., daughter of a kinggetting married = princess bride).

Or if you prefer songs, try out this free printable love song version to unscramble popular love songs (e.g., a tale about romance = Love Story). This is one of the most fun printable bridal shower games I’ve played at a bridal shower!

#9 – Tying the Knot

Players must race to tie the most cherry stemsHilarious Bridal Shower Games (15) into knots as they can with their tongue, either in a minute, or compared to their competitors. This is one of the games that would work as great bachelorette party games too!

#10 – Off the Market

Purchase a handful of wedding related items or items off the bride’s registry (and give them to the bride after) and make sure you know exactly how much each one costs.

Players must race to put the items in the correct order from highest to lowest price.

Either time them and see who can do it in under a minute or see who can do it the fastest, no matter how long it takes.

Either way, I’d let someone do it first and then have the other player come in next so they don’t get any hints.


You could also play this game Price is Right style instead! Have people guess who much each of the wedding related items is an the person who is the closest without going over wins a point – most points wins a prize!

#11 – Wedding Crashers

Stack plastic champagne glassesHilarious Bridal Shower Games (16) on top of each other and have players bounce ping pong ballsHilarious Bridal Shower Games (17) across the room to see who can knock down their stack of cups first.

Alternately, you could tape down one champagne glass per player and have players try to be the first to bounce a ping pong and land it in the cup.

#12 – Kiss the Bride

This is a game of pictionary where the person drawing is doing so with a tube of lipstickHilarious Bridal Shower Games (18) that they can only hold in their mouth.

You can do this one of two ways – either have one person draw and try to go through as many as they can in a set amount of time like a minute or you can have multiple people trying to draw the same thing to get their team to guess first.

Either way is hilarious. And this one is at the top of my own personal bridal shower games list!


Check Dollar Tree or another dollar store for cheap lipstick that you don’t mind getting ruined. Or ask friends and family if they have any they no longer wear – just sanitize it beforehand!

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (19)

#13 – Cake Topper

Give each player 10 plastic cupsHilarious Bridal Shower Games (20) and a cheap plastic cake topperHilarious Bridal Shower Games (21). Allow them to put the items in front of them so they know where they are then blindfold each player.

Player has to create a “cake” out of plastic cups – meaning stack the cups 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 and then place the cake topper on top of the cups without knocking over their cake. First player to do it or player to do it fastest wins.

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (22)

#14 – Blushing Bride

Print out copies of a photo of the bride’s face with no makeup. Give each player access to cheap makeupHilarious Bridal Shower Games (23) including lipstick, blush, eye shadow, etc. and then blindfold them.

Player has 1 minute to give the picture of the bridea makeover blindfolded. Bride chooses the best makeup job.

#15 – Sealed with a Kiss

Fill 10 boxesHilarious Bridal Shower Games (24) with chocolate kissesHilarious Bridal Shower Games (25) so that they each have a different number of kisses inside from 1-10 then wrap the boxes in cheap wedding wrapping paper.

Player must shake the box to listen to the kisses inside and put them in order from the least number of kisses to most.

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (26)#16 – Cold Feet

Fill large serving bowlsHilarious Bridal Shower Games (27) with ice cold water then dumpten large metal or plastic ringsHilarious Bridal Shower Games (28) inside.

Players must compete to be the first to get all of the rings out of the bowl of freezing water using just their feet.

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (29)

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Hilarious Bridal Shower Games (2024)


What can I do at a bridal shower instead of games? ›

Here, we spoke with wedding planning experts on the latest-and-greatest bridal shower activities and fun bridal shower games:
  • Create a signature co*cktail during the bridal shower. ...
  • Create a sweet memory book for the bride-to-be. ...
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  • ...or couples trivia. ...
  • Collect date night ideas.
Jun 29, 2021

How many games are enough for a bridal shower? ›

How many bridal shower games should be played? Depending on how long the bridal shower will last and the time duration of each game, you can plan for two to four of them—just be sure to leave guests plenty of time to eat, drink, and mingle, too.

What is the shoe game at bridal shower? ›

The Premise: The shoe game involves asking a series of questions about the couple's preferences, experiences, and personalities. The couple answers by raising the shoe that they believe represents the best answer, either their own shoe or their partner's shoe.

How do you make a bridal shower not awkward? ›

Plan Activities

Offering something interactive and hands-on, or even hiring an outside pro like a sommelier or mixologist, is a great way to help guests who don't know each other feel more comfortable and welcome.

Who pays for the bridal shower? ›

Those who are hosting the shower are responsible for paying for the shower costs. This might include venue costs, the hosts' gifts, decorations, food, beverages, and other event expenses.

What's in your handbag game? ›

This 'What's in Your Purse' Baby Shower Game includes 24 game cards that list common and not-so-common items found in purses, including keys, gum, a screwdriver, and nail polish. See how many items your guests have in their purses. The person with the most points wins.

Are games necessary at a bridal shower? ›

Although games at your bridal shower aren't a must by any means, they're a tradition for a reason—they help your closest friends and family members get to know one another while celebrating the happy couple.

How many hours should a bridal shower be? ›

Bridal showers typically last 2-4 hours and are not considered an all-day event. Although, depending on the type of shower you are hosting the time can vary. Most showers will either take place in the morning and serve as a brunch, or in the afternoon served with lunch or finger foods.

What is a good number of guests for a bridal shower? ›

Bridal Shower Guest List Size. An intimate bridal shower for 15 people is perfectly normal, as is a 50-person coed shower that feels more like a co*cktail party. A variety of factors can influence the size of the guest list, such as: the shower location.

Should mom host bridal shower? ›

Traditionally, the mother of the bride doesn't host the bridal shower (the maid of honor typically assumes the chief shower-planning role), however, your daughter will likely want you to be a part of the celebration.

Do you give prizes at a bridal shower? ›

The bridal shower is an extra-special opportunity for friends and loved ones from both sides to meet. Bridal shower games and icebreakers are some of the best ways to get people talking during the party, and it doesn't hurt to have some creative bridal shower game prizes on hand to entice your guests to participate.

Is $50 enough for a bridal shower? ›

The Average Cost of a Bridal Shower Gift

"Many people spend around $50 to $75, whereas closer friends and family may spend upwards of $100," she says. "However, the amount you want to spend is up to you."

What food to serve at a bridal shower? ›

Fabulous Bridal Shower Finger Foods
  • Crescent Vegetable Appetizers. Quick & Easy Crab Dip. Veggie Dippers. Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches.
  • Veggie Crescent Cups. Flower Fruit Kabobs with Luscious Fruit Dip. Watermelon & Blackberry Bites. ...
  • Mini Rainbow Fruit Kabobs. Fruit Jersey Cake. Balsamic Fruit & Cheese Kabobs.
May 19, 2023

How do you play Mad Libs on a bridal shower? ›

How do you play mad libs? Typically, one person acts as a reader and asks another person or group of people to come up with words to fill in the blanks to the story, or in this case, the bride-to-be's potential wedding vows. What is this? You will have to fill in the blanks with verbs, adjectives, nouns, colors etc.

Who pays for bridal shower? ›

Nowadays, the person (or people) hosting the bridal shower are responsible for covering the costs associated with the shower.


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