Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (2024)

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (1)

Every wedding is romantic. But filling your day with pale grays and the lightest of lavenders is the color equivalent of saying, "Love. Lives. Here." And carrying a billowy bouquet of dahlias, clematis, delphiniums, hellebores, andromeda, and garden roses only adds to the otherworldly mood.

The Details: Emily Riggs "Nightingale" dress, $5,000, Flowers, by Putnam & Putnam, Larkspur & Hawk "Olivia Button" bracelet in Ballet, $2,250,

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Post Something Pretty

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (2)

Semitranslucent and nearly weightless, but surprisingly resilient, onion-skin paper is indispensable to stationery designers going for a light-as-air look. It has a handmade, vintage feel because the sheets are air-dried during the papermaking process. For the suite above, stationer Nancy Sharon Collins engraved the reception details onto the onion skin, layered it on top of a thicker, cotton-paper ceremony invite, and edged both in lilac ink. Tucked into an envelope lined with delicate gray tissue, the results are simply sublime.

The Details: Monogrammed invitation suite with onion-skin paper, price upon request,

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Create Ambience

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (3)

One way to make a misty, watercolored memory? Hang a gauzy room divider, used here to separate a co*cktail-lounge area from the main dining room. With no sewing required, it's a cinch for you or your planner to construct. Get inexpensive bolts of tulle in two or more colors and cut to the height needed. Rent a pipe and drape stand, and double loop the lengths of fabric over the horizontal rod. No need to be precise: The gossamery fabrics look great overlapping, especially when left long to pool onto the floor. Placed behind you as you say your vows, the tulle would also make a celestial ceremony marker.

The Details: Emily Riggs "Nightingale" dress, $5,000, LA Linen 54-inch-by-40-yard tulle fabric bolts in gray, $16, and lavender, $12.50,

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Dress Them Up

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (4)

In pale, cloudlike colors and fabrics ranging from polished shantung to twirly tulle, your bridesmaids will be a vision as they drift down the aisle. (And, we bet, at many co*cktail parties and galas to come.) After all, you're already wearing the dress of your dreams; why not outfit your party in styles that are just as heavenly?

The Details (from left): Dresses, LulaKate shantung "Jacqueline" in platinum, $275,; Alexandra Grecco tulle "Lea" in pale grey, $258,; Twobirds Bridesmaid tulle in lilac, $340,

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Flatter Your Friends

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (5)

Good news: Whatever their complexion, everyone from your fiancé to your BFFs looks smashing in soft gray and lavender. First, choose one as an anchor—a gray suit or lilac dress, for example ...

The Details: Strong Suit "The Claymore" suit in light gray flannel, $695, Alexander Olch "The Brooks" windowpane pocket round in Grey Multi, $60,

Accessorize Your Guys

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (6)

Then, let members of the wedding party color in the details with the other shade—a natty necktie here …

The Details: Ties, from left: Thom Browne, $190,; The Tie Bar in lavender, $19,; Petronius "Mélange" in purple, $175; Brioni, $230; Tom Ford in lilac, $250, similar styles at Bergdorf Goodman Men's Stores, 212-753-7300.

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Carry a Cool Clutch

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (7)

… a marbleized minaudière there.

The Details: L'Afshar marble box clutches in gray, $990, and lavender, $721,

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Don't Forget About You!

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (8)

As for you, one head-turning accessory, like the feathery wrap above, is both functional and fabulous.

The Details: Annabelle New York for Bhldn "Monterey" shawl in Gainsboro Grey, $320,

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Set a Serene Scene

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (9)

One lush, overflowing centerpiece creates an unforgettable tablescape and lets you keep everything else spare and simple. This arrangement of hellebores, andromeda, garden roses, dahlias, clematis, delphiniums, and porcelain vines is displayed in a custom compote that's actually just a footed bowl dipped in plaster. We love the idea of topping each plate with a lavender sprig as a nice welcome to guests. If you're sensitive to scent at dinner, place the buds in a small vase inside the bathrooms as a room refresher instead.

The Details: Five-inch copper bowl (dipped in plaster), $9, "Miro" chairs, prices upon request, LooksLikeWhite plates, $155 for a 3-piece setting,

Make These Plaster-Dipped Vessel Centerpieces

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Deliver Dainty Desserts

Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (10)

Let guests choose from an array of mouthwatering petite treats served on just-the-right-size butter-pat and tapas plates (your caterer can rent dozens of options). Each sweet has its own all-natural, purple touch, and edible garden-pea blossoms, basil leaves, and lavender sprigs bring even more colorful appeal.

Above, from left: blackberry-vanilla cream tartlets; blueberry Pavlovas with lavender cream; mini cardamom Bundt cakes with elderberry glaze, topped with sugared blueberries and elderberries; and lemon cake bites with blueberry buttercream.

The Details: Desserts, by Poppy's Catering,

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Lilac + Gray = The Most Romantic Wedding Colors Ever (2024)


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