New NITRILE EXAMINATION GLOVES | FREE SHIPPING*** - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)

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New NITRILE EXAMINATION GLOVES | FREE SHIPPING*** - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (1)

condition: new

make / manufacturer: Examination Gloves and KN95 Mask

model name / number: Food or Cleaning Services

size / dimensions: CLICK TO SEE MORE⬇️MATERIALS

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QUESTIONS?? Call Us @ 877-282-USED (8733)


LOCATED in S. CAROLINA @👉70 State St., Williston, SC 29853

🟢 $ 40.00 per case | Each case includes 1000 UNUSED Nitrile gloves FREE Shipping INCLUDED
Available Color: Blue | Available Sizes: Medium and Large | MIL Thickness: Unknown

LOCATED IN TEXAS @👉5703 Crawford Ln, Suite C, Forest Hills, TX 76119

🟢 $ 40.00 per case | Each case includes 1000 UNUSED Nitrile gloves | MIL Thickness: Unknown
Color: Black | Available Sizes: Small | Medium
Color: Blue | Available Sizes: Small | Medium | Large
backSTORY: These are surplus, unused nitrile gloves. Since they are medical-grade, they can be "repurposed" by many, including food service professionals, mechanics, veterinarians, artists, sanitation experts and more!

Also Available: MASKS: Model Number: KN95 | Three-Dimensional Protective Respirator ⬇️

🟢 $ 40.00 per case | Each case includes 1000 Units of Protective Face Masks - KN95 | FREE Shipping INCLUDED

S. CAROLINA @👉70 State St., Williston, SC 29853
IOWA @ 👉1725 East Maple St., Maquoketa, IA 52060

*Woven elastic band to relieve ear dis-comfort
*Anti-Particulate Filtration Technology
*Antibacterial & Environment-Friendly Fabric
*Effective filtering and protection from PM2.5 air particulate matter and bacteria
backSTORY: These are KN95 Face Masks are a result of Covid over-supply, now available at wholesale price.
Suitable for protection against harmful particles such as dust, air particulate matter, influenza, bacteria, droplets and more.
For commercial or residential use!

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Questions?? Call Us @ 877-282-8733 (USED)
Come view this item and SO MUCH MORE----

70 State St., Williston, SC 29853

5703 Crawford Lane, Suite C, Forest Hill, TX 76119

OPEN to the PUBLIC | Hours: 9-5 pm | Monday -Friday
No Appointment Necessary

We Accept Cash, Check and ALL Major Credit Cards
We Have Equipment to Load


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    New NITRILE EXAMINATION GLOVES | FREE SHIPPING*** - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)


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